Supria Gill, PhD
Clinical Health Psychologist, Speaker, Media Contributor, Podcaster

Welcome to my site! I'm a clinical psychologist with expertise in health psychology and mind-body approaches to well-being. I'm passionate about taking the science of psychology and sharing it in ways that can improve our lives.My experience includes serving as a clinical psychologist in primary care settings, academic publications, teaching graduate courses, conducting professional workshops, and consulting with media outlets.When I'm not busy working as a psychologist, you can find me searching for the next weekend adventure or chasing my two adventurous toddlers.Read on for more information about my professional background and offerings, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you're interested in working together!

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About Me

As a clinical psychologist, I completed my doctoral education at Palo Alto University and my undergraduate degree at UC Davis. My research, graduate level teaching, and clinical training in brain-behavioral relationships provides me with a strong foundation in health promotion. My work involves the use of evidence-based strategies to improve health and well-being.In addition to consulting and speaking, I help to run one of the largest mental health training programs in the United States and function as a Behavioral Health Consultant in a large HMO setting.

Media Consultation

I consult with media outlets on topics related to burnout, stress management, coping strategies, and healthy behavior change.


The Happy Hour
Hosted by Jonah Paquette and Supria Gill
What is happiness, and why can it sometimes feel so hard to come by? Join psychologists Jonah Paquette and Supria Gill for a fun exploration into the science of happiness. Episodes feature interviews with experts, a review of key principles for well-being and emotional fitness, and easy to use skills you can put into practice starting today.